New Year’s Eve Activities for Seniors with Alzheimer’s

By Marvin, 9:00 am on

Celebrating New Year’s Eve with a senior who has Alzheimer’s can be challenging, but there are numerous ways to make the evening more enjoyable for him or her. Alzheimer’s caregivers in Plano, TX, should consider the following ideas for New Year’s Eve fun.

Celebrate with Food

Each region of the United States has its own New Year’s Eve food traditions. Therefore, think of each area where your senior has lived and fix the food traditions for that area. For example, in Texas, everyone must eat black-eyed peas to welcome the New Year, while in West Virginia, cabbage is eaten so that a person has lots of money during the coming year.

Consider a Foreign Culture

Alzheimer’s and dementia caregivers in Plano can investigate how different countries celebrate New Year’s Eve. If the senior has a favorite country, then concentrate on that one in particular. Otherwise, choose one where the New Year comes in about the senior’s bedtime. Celebrate New Year’s Eve by doing activities from that country complete with food and ringing in the New Year like a resident of that country. 

Choose a Different Decade

Find out what your senior’s favorite year was and step back in time to that year. Often you can find New Year’s clips on YouTube from that year. Dress like people would have dressed at that time and choose foods that were popular back then. Decorate party hats to match popular themes for that year by printing off pictures of famous or memorable people from that time and gluing them to the party hat.

Create a Resolution Tree

Leave the Christmas tree up but remove the ornaments. Give each person an index card and have him or her write on it a resolution for the coming year. Have each person hang their resolution on the tree explaining why they chose that particular resolution. 

There are many different ways that you can include your senior with Alzheimer’s in your New Year’s celebration. Learn more about the importance of interacting with seniors by calling Home Care Assistance at (214) 586-0120. Our cognitive senior care in Plano is designed to help seniors with memory disorders boost physical and emotional wellbeing in the comfort of home. Let us customize a unique care plan for your loved one when you call today.