4 Leisure Activities for Seniors with Limited Mobility

By Marvin, 9:00 am on

Leisure activities are very important, especially for older adults. They are associated with enhanced cognition, better social connection, and overall wellbeing. Limited mobility presents a challenge for enjoying some fun time. Plano, TX, senior home care professionals suggest the following activities seniors with limited mobility can enjoy.

1. Window Gardening

Gardening has several unexpected benefits and even a 10 percent increase in green space is associated with better health. Gardening is associated with feelings of wellbeing, reward, and better health. For seniors who cannot move around easily, window or container gardening is a great option.

2. Gaming

Gaming may sound like an activity for teenagers, but it is associated with increased hand-eye coordination and mental sharpness in seniors. Whether solving a crossword puzzle or playing high-tech video games, seniors with limited mobility can enjoy the increased sense of wellbeing, better vision, and enhanced mental capabilities.

3. Internet and Technology

Adults over 65 constitute the fastest growing age group on Facebook because social media makes it much easier to connect with family from the comfort of home. Communication technology like Skype, social media, or email has been known to facilitate social connection, which increases happiness. Greater social connection in seniors is also associated with higher quality of life and enhanced cognitive functions.

4. Crafting

There’s something about making things with your hands. Whether it takes the form of painting, woodwork, or something else, crafting offers numerous benefits for seniors. The focus and repetitive motions can have stress-reducing effects on your loved one similar to meditation. Additionally, it boosts mood. Joining craft-related groups or forums online can enhance your loved one’s social interaction. It is also a way to keep the mind active and increase hand-eye coordination.

Leisure activities can help your senior loved one relax and experience  a sense of accomplishment, which can boost his or her overall emotional health. If you want to further enhance your loved one’s emotional health and wellbeing, reach out to Home Care Assistance. Our caregivers adopt a holistic approach to senior care and can provide a caring environment for your loved one. We provide reliable respite and live-in home care. Plano, TX, families can call us at (214) 586-0120 to learn about our services from an experienced Care Manager.