Top 6 Dog Breeds for the Elderly

By Marvin, 9:00 am on

When live-in caregivers in Plano look for a canine companion for their senior loved ones, there are some factors that require consideration. While many believe smaller dogs are preferable, various small breeds are furry balls of energy that need daily exercise. Additionally, while puppies are adorable, they typically need to be housebroken and trained to become manageable pets for seniors. In this instance, an adult dog might be a more practical option. If your loved one is particularly interested in a purebred, there are a few that stand above the rest. 

1. French Bulldogs

These little dogs have a great disposition and make excellent companions for seniors. While they do not need an inordinate amount of grooming or exercise, their weight must be maintained to prevent health issues. Inappropriately bred bulldogs carry the potential for respiratory problems, which is why it’s important to find a reputable breeder. 

2. Poodles

The breed remains popular after decades of ownership as the dogs are easy to train, have wonderful personalities and shed very little. Toy and miniature versions are especially popular with older adults as they are easy to handle and don’t aggravate elderly allergies. 

3. Schipperke

This unusual breed originated in Belgium and is an avid lover of adventure. Their accommodating disposition means that they eagerly and easily travel anywhere. Since these dogs were trained to chase and catch rodents, hunting brings them great joy. Unless your senior loved one has a closed-in yard, resist the urge to let this pup run free. 

4. Maltese

Despite their long-flowing coats, the dogs rarely shed. While in the show ring, they are always perfectly groomed, though pet owners have the option of keeping the coat shorter for easier management. The little dogs are attentive, loyal and love being lap companions. 

5. Chihuahua

Small and portable, the Chihuahua makes a great companion when trained properly. They love attention, playing and pleasing their owners. However, as with any dog, if spoiled and allowed to rule the roost, they can soon become fierce and aggressive toward visitors. 

6. Dachshund

The popular little “wiener dogs” are another option for anyone looking to keep grooming chores to a minimum. Comical, friendly and easy to train, the breed remains a favorite with many. Bare in mind that these pups are prone to joint problems but are otherwise perfectly healthy.

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