3 Creative Valentine’s Day Crafts to Make with Your Elderly Loved One

By Marvin, 9:00 am on

Crafting is a wonderful way to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your senior loved one. The activity is fun-filled and helps stimulate your loved one’s mind. Family members providing home care in Plano, TX, for an aging loved one will appreciate these great Valentine’s Day craft ideas.

1. Heart Pins

Making a heart pin is so easy that your loved one may want to make several to share. Start by mixing two cups of flour with one cup of water and stir the mixture until no lumps remain, then pour the mixture into a heart-shaped candy mold. Tap the mold gently to make sure no air bubbles remain and let it sit and dry partially. Gently lay a pin on top and let the mixture dry overnight. The next morning, remove the pins from the candy mold and allow it to dry for three days. Use acrylic paint for making designs on the hearts. Finish the pins by adding a top coat of acrylic paint.

2. Hershey’s Kiss Rose

A Hershey’s Kiss rose is also an easy craft for your senior loved one to make. Start by removing the white paper from two Hershey’s Kisses. Hold the chocolates together using glue and place them bottom to bottom, then wrap them in red cellophane paper. Next, wrap a floral stick to the red Hershey’s Kisses with some floral tape. You can continue wrapping down the stick and insert an artificial leaf if desired.

3. Valentine’s Day Potpourri Wall Hanging

Get some potpourri at a craft store or make your own natural potpourri by adding in essential oil to make it smell great. Mix together one cup of potpourri and one-third cup of white craft glue in a large bowl and crumble the potpourri into small pieces. Spray a heart-shaped cookie cutter with a cooking spray and lay it on top of a piece of string, then lay both on top of a piece of waxed paper. Pour the potpourri mixture into the cookie cutter, making sure to press it into the crevices. Let the mixture dry completely and remove the cookie cutter.

Whether it’s crafting or any daily activity, professional caregivers at Home Care Assistance are here to help seniors enjoy a higher quality of life. Our senior care plans are ideal for family caregivers who need time off or cannot look after their loved ones due to commitments. For licensed and experienced hourly home caregivers, Plano, TX, residents can reach out to us at (214) 586-0120.