Dementia Care Plano

High-Quality Dementia Care Plano, Texas

After your elderly loved one receives a dementia diagnosis, your family and your loved one face a difficult journey together. Learning about and managing the symptoms of the disease, which can include changes in personality and behavior, decreased cognition, and increased physical limitations, can be challenging and overwhelming. However, you don’t have to face this task alone. Home Care Assistance, a leading dementia home care agency in Plano, TX, provides experienced and qualified caregivers who understand how to handle the unique challenges your loved one will encounter. We are committed to helping seniors with dementia continue to age in place safely, comfortably, and independently.

Dementia Caregivers Provide Customized and Consistent Care

The symptoms your loved one experiences may vary, but the dementia caregivers at Plano Home Care Assistance are expertly trained to help manage memory loss, irritability, sundowning, and the various other side effects that can accompany the disease. Your loved one’s symptoms may also have a significant impact on the ability to accomplish certain daily tasks. We can customize your loved one’s care plan to include help with a wide array of tasks, including:

  • Medication reminders
  • Cooking and grocery shopping
  • Bathing and grooming
  • Laundry and light housekeeping
  • Exercise

Consistency of care is crucial for seniors with dementia. As the disease progresses and your loved one’s complex care needs change, we can alter his or her care plan to meet these evolving needs.

The Cognitive Therapeutics Method Promotes Mental Acuity

Providing home care for a senior with dementia is about more than just meeting his or her physical needs. Boosting your loved one’s cognitive health is equally important and requires trust and companionship combined with the use of revolutionary, mentally stimulating activities. At Home Care Assistance of Plano, we train all of our dementia caregivers in our proprietary Cognitive Therapeutics Method. This program uses fun interactive games to enhance brain health, encourage social engagement, and provide a sense of pride and accomplishment for seniors with memory-related conditions like dementia.

Types of Dementia

Alzheimer’s disease is known to be the most common source of progressive dementia found in older adults, but there are many types of dementia. These include:

  • Vascular dementia: The second most common variety of dementia is caused by the hindered flow of blood to the brain. It can be caused by a stroke or atherosclerotic disease.
  • Lewy body dementia: This dementia type is caused when protein is deposited in nerve cells, interrupting chemical messages.
  • Parkinson’s disease: Many of those with advanced cases of Parkinson’s disease develop dementia.
  • Frontotemporal dementia: Several types of dementia fall under this category; the thing they have in common is that the front and side segments of the brain are impacted. This is also known as Pick’s disease.

Causes of Dementia

The causes of dementia lie within the brain. They involve damage to nerve cells, or even loss of nerve cells, along with their connections within the brain. Dementia can impact people differently, causing different symptoms, depending on which area of the brain is affected by the damage.

Symptoms of Dementia

If you worry that your loved one is experiencing dementia, look for the following symptoms: memory loss, difficulty reasoning, difficulty with coordination, trouble communicating, difficulty with complex tasks, trouble with organizing and planning, disorientation and confusion, changes in personality, depression, anxiety, paranoia, hallucinations, and agitation.

Benefits of In-Home Dementia Care

If your loved one receives a dementia diagnosis, their well-being relies on friends, family, and familiar surroundings. Caregivers that come into the home and permit your loved one to relax in the comfort of reliable, consistent environments are crucial to maintaining an even keel for the loved one. In-home caregivers offer residential care to help to maximize your loved one’s quality of life.

In-home care for dementia is also important for the family member who is acting as the caregiver for their loved one. Whatever type of dementia you’re dealing with, caring for a loved one with dementia 24/7 can be exhausting and overwhelming. Respite care for family caregivers is vital in the form of in-home caregivers who can help them deal with difficult behaviors, provide memory care, and assist with the routine of daily living so they can take a break and see to their own needs.

Dementia severely impacts your loved one’s life and can have a ripple effect on the whole family. Let us help. In-home care helps the person with dementia as well as providing welcome relief for family caregivers, and allows your loved one to have the highest possible quality of life.

In-Home Care Brings Comfort to Seniors with Dementia

Living in a familiar home environment can make life safer and more comfortable for your loved one while alleviating some of dementia’s side effects like anxiety, agitation, and fear. With the support of the compassionate dementia caregivers at Home Care Assistance in Plano, your loved one can receive the care he or she needs and deserves while aging in place.

To learn more about trusted dementia care in Plano, Texas, reach out to Home Care Assistance at (214) 586-0120. Our Care Managers are available around the clock to answer your questions and schedule a free in-home consultation.