Helpful Distraction Techniques for Dementia Caregivers

By Marvin, 9:00 am on

Instead of getting angry the next time your senior with dementia acts out, refocus their attention. Distractions work well to promote positive behavior. There are many techniques that Plano, TX, dementia caregivers can use to get the senior engaged in a positive way with the world around them.


Simply choosing to ignore the inappropriate behavior may work sometimes. Therefore, the Plano, TX, Alzheimer’s or dementia caregiver may want to just continue with their normal routine without acknowledging the behavior. Doing an activity that requires physical movement often helps refocus the senior’s attention, as well.

New Activity

Just like children, some seniors act out because they are simply bored. Therefore, consider refocusing the senior’s attention by helping them start on a new fun activity. Many different projects including crafts, cooking, cleaning and reading may work. 

Use Music

Music can be used in many different ways to distract a senior with dementia. The caregiver can sing a silly song, although this technique works even better if the song is sung loudly and off-key. Inviting the senior to sing their favorite song with you also often works. Alternatively, you can play your loved one’s favorite songs on your smartphone, tablet or on the computer.

Request Help

Since everyone wants to feel needed, asking the senior to help with a project can be a good technique. Seniors can often help match socks, help prepare simple meals or help clean. Whatever you ask for help with should be easy enough for your loved one to do alone but tedious enough to distract him or her.

Be Humorous

Humorous distractions often work great to distract seniors. Funny family stories often help to lighten the mood. Showing the senior a funny short clip off Facebook or YouTube can help break the tension. Tell a funny joke or share with the senior a funny story that someone has shared with you.

Refocusing a senior’s attention through distraction often helps to stop negative behaviors. Learn more ways to distract your loved one and about comprehensive dementia home care Plano, TX, seniors need to boost longevity and vitality when you call Home Care Assistance at (214) 586-0120. In addition to promoting safety and wellbeing, we encourage seniors with cognitive disorders to maintain mental and physical function.