Frisco, TX

Senior In-Home Care in Frisco, TX

When it comes to the well-being of your loved one, you want to make the best decision that you can as they age. It may seem that the best and most considerate option is to keep him or her at home under your own care, but that is often not the case.

Family members can certainly provide an emotional form of wellness, but they often lack the medical knowledge required to ease their loved one’s suffering and provide the very best care. As such, it’s actually a better decision to allow the senior member of your home to be taken care of at home with our experienced and compassionate team.

At Home Care Assistance, we offer a multitude of different in-home care services that help keep your loved one safer and healthier, as well as to allow the family to focus on their own needs.

Frisco In-Home Senior Care

If you are thinking about signing up your loved one for assisted home care, then consider the services we offer:

24 Hour Care

With families as busy as they are, it can be difficult to take care of a senior who requires constant medical and physical assistance. You may find yourself having to make sacrifices that you don’t actually need to make.

That’s why we offer our 24-hour care service. A trained caregiver can stay with your loved one throughout the day and night to make sure that they always on hand in the event of an emergency or if the senior requires aid in moving around and performing personal care tasks.

The best part about this service is that it allows the loved one to age in their own home. There is a strong correlation between the mental and emotional health of a senior who is able to remain in their home and those who are placed in a retirement home or hospice. By staying in the familiarity of their home, seniors are more comfortable, less anxious and more prone to aging well.

The 24-hour service also allows us to be on hand in the event of an emergency. With our 24-hour in-home case, there is always someone who is able to handle those emergencies as they arise. Your loved one can have peace of mind, too.

Hourly Service

If your loved one still maintains a certain degree of independence, then perhaps you only need assistance from time to time. We have a service that can provide relief just for the times when it is needed.

Whether you want someone there at night to ensure there aren’t any emergencies that arise when no one else is around or you prefer someone there during the day while you’re at work and the kids are at school, we are ready to schedule according to your needs.

As with our other services, we can help your loved one with meal preparation, medications, exercise regimes, and other activities to engage the senior’s good physical and mental health. Our hourly service gives you a chance to get out and run your own errands or take care of personal business, knowing your loved one is in good hands.

Dementia and Alzheimer’s Care

When your loved one is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease or another form of dementia, it can be a heartbreaking time. It’s difficult to watch the mental decline of any loved one. It can also be difficult to know how to help them, which can make the entire situation a lot worse.

Our team at Home Care Assistance has the training specifically for those who suffer from dementia and Alzheimer’s. We provide patient, compassionate care. When decline inevitably occurs, we are also there to help your elderly relative take care of their basic personal needs, such as serving them meals and helping them to and from the bathroom.

Compassion and understanding, as well as patience, are the absolute necessary protocols our in-home caregivers hold close to their hearts when caring for people with Alzheimer’s or other dementia.


If your loved one suffered a stroke, it can cause a great deal of damage to their physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. They may not be able to speak or might have difficulty with speaking. Certain basic tasks may be out of their reach.

With families busy and leading lives of their own, you can’t be expected to be on call every moment of the day to assist your loved one. We can. We offer a few services for those patients who have suffered from a stroke.

By performing exercises with them, we can help them to slowly regain their mobility and strength. We can also offer occupational, speech, and physical therapy to help their recovery. In addition, we can drive them to appointments, give them medication reminders, and assist them in their daily tasks.

Compassionate Care

At Home Care Assistance, we strive to give the utmost compassionate and trained care to your loved one. Contact us to learn more about our reliable caregivers and the in-home senior care services we offer in Frisco.