Managing Frustration as a Dementia Caregiver

By Marvin, 9:00 am on

Being a Plano, TX, Alzheimer’s or dementia caregiver can be very frustrating after a while. While many caregivers try to ignore their feelings, it is helpful to accept them as a natural part of the process and learn to deal with those feelings in more constructive ways than lashing out at seniors.

Try Positive Thinking

Many dementia caregivers in Plano, TX, find that they often say negative things about themselves in their own head when they are frustrated. If this describes you, then make it a point to recognize each negative thought and instead replace them with positive ones. If you find this difficult, then write down a list of all the positives that you can think of about yourself and start your day by reading them aloud to quell your frustration.

Allow Others to Help

After a while, many caregivers start feeling trapped in their surroundings. If this is your situation, then make sure to ask others to help you. Spending time with your senior may really brighten your family’s day because they know that they are impacting the your loved one in a positive way. If this is not enough, then consider turning to Plano Home Care Assistance for hourly or respite home care. 

Communicate with Others

Dementia caregivers often feel isolated, which can make the challenge of caregiving much harder. Make sure to stay connected with the ones that you love even if it is through social media. It is often helpful to join groups where caregivers discuss their feelings openly in a safe space. Connecting with a religious community often helps as well. If you feel that you need professional help, then do not hesitate to ask because there are many no-cost and low-cost options available.

Take Some Time for You

You are a unique individual, so take some time to celebrate what makes you different from everyone else in the world. Spend part of each day enjoying a hobby that you love such as reading, sewing or baking. This is very important especially when you feel your frustration level begin to grow. 

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