Fun Halloween Party Games for Seniors

By Marvin, 9:00 am on

Family members of all ages have the chance to enjoy Halloween together while playing a variety of holiday-themed games. Live-in Plano caregiver can even incorporate some retro traditions mixed with modern-day fun to boost their loved one’s spirits this October 31.

Halloween Bowling

Find an inexpensive, plastic bowling set and decorate each pin as a different spooky character. Use markers to make the ball look like a pumpkin. Create a bowling lane and set the pins at the desired length away from the starting line. Play the game and keep score as if you are in the local bowling alley. 

Candy Corn Toss

Get a plastic pumpkin that little ones might use for trick-or-treating and a bag of candy corn. Establish the starting line and set the pumpkin six feet away. Give each senior and grandchild 20 pieces of candy corn and let them take turns trying to toss the candy into the pumpkin. Tally the scores for each person and compare at the end of the game. 

Scarecrow Building Contest

Gather a bunch of old pants, shirts, hats, gloves and pillowcases along some markers and newspapers. Create a few teams consisting of at least two people. At the sound of the whistle, each team creates their scarecrow. Allow up to 30 minutes before calling time and determine the winner. An alternative competition might include decorating miniature pumpkins with water-based markers. 

Halloween Hot Potato

Get a small pumpkin and Halloween-themed music. Have all participants sit in a circle and pass the pumpkin as the music plays. When the music stops, the one with the hot pumpkin is eliminated. Continue playing to determine the winner. 


Use a chalkboard or a piece of paper taped to a wall. Choose spooky words and draw a dash for each letter of the word. Each player takes turns guessing a letter until someone feels they can correctly guess the entire word. Each wrong answer results in a line on a stick figure. If no one guesses the correct word, the Halloween character hangs on the gallows.

What better way to enjoy Halloween with your senior loved one than with a few enticing games? Learn more about simple ways to boost your loved one’s wellbeing this October by calling Home Care Assistance in Plano at (214) 586-0120. As the leading provider of home care in Plano, we dedicate our time and energy to engage with seniors on a physical, emotional, and mental level in order to boost overall wellbeing. Call us today to schedule a complimentary in-home consultation for your loved one.