Hospice Care Plano

At Home Hospice Care Plano That Allows Quality Time with Your Loved Ones

When your loved one’s health takes a turn for the worst and treatment or a cure is no longer feasible, Home Care Assistance makes it possible for seniors to live their final days as they wish. Most people prefer to remain in the comfort of their home, surrounded by their family, friends and belongings. Honor their wishes with hospice care at home.

Hospice Care at Home Provides Maximum Comfort in Their Final Days

Our professional and dedicated caregivers assist with activities of daily living to bring peace of mind and respite for our clients and their families. Let Home Care Assistance take on their everyday needs, so you can enjoy valuable quality time with your loved one. Our caregivers provide assistance with the following for maximum comfort in their final days:

  • Meal preparation and grocery shopping
  • Household chores such as cleaning, laundry and dishes
  • 24/7 monitoring and assistance for the client’s safety
  • Pick up medication and provide medication assistance
  • Maintain personal hygiene with bathing, grooming and dressing

End-of-Life Care and Compassionate Support for Hospice Care Patients

We believe hospice care is a partnership between the client, their family, physician and a personal caregiver all working together to bring the best quality of life for the patient. Our purpose is to provide personal end-of-life care and compassionate support to our client with:

  • A customized care plan tailored to meet their needs
  • Patient privacy in the comfort and familiarity of home
  • Receiving care with dignity and respect
  • Hourly or live-in home care on a flexible schedule you decide
  • Companionship, support and assistance with daily tasks
  • Support for families and encouraging their involvement

Four Frequently Asked Questions Concerning Hospice Care

Caring for someone with a terminal illness is not something most people have experience with. Understandably, some people still have questions about hospice care. Here are some frequently asked questions about in-home hospice services and how they can help your loved ones:

Is hospice care only for cancer patients?

No. Hospice care is designed for people with any kind of terminal illnesses who face pain and other symptoms. Your loved ones can receive assistance during their last moments so they can rest and avoid unnecessary pain. However, if your loved ones only need temporary care, then you can contact respite care. We can help you decide which type of in-home care is most appropriate for your loved one and your family’s situation.

Who can benefit from hospice care?

Hospice care is for anyone who needs consistent end of life care that family members can’t provide on their own. For family members, it helps to have an experienced hospice care professional help navigate the uncertainties of caring for someone with a terminal illness.

A caregiver with hospice experience and training can monitor the patient’s safety, provide for their needs and help with daily tasks like meal prep, personal hygiene or picking up medication.

What is the goal of at-home hospice care?

At-home hospice care exists to allow hospice patients to stay with their family while receiving the medication assistance and other help that they need. The hospice worker is an experienced health professional who can monitor your loved one and let you know if there are any changes in their condition. In addition, your loved one still gets to live with their family — a comfort at a very difficult time.

Are hospice and palliative care different from each other?

Hospice and palliative care may seem similar and are often used interchangeably, but they are not exactly the same. Palliative care can begin at the time an illness is diagnosed and is designed to help the patient manage the symptoms of the disease and/or the treatment. It can occur at the same time as treatment. Hospice care, on the other hand, begins at the point when the patient has stopped treatment and it is clear that the disease or condition is not survivable.

If you have a loved one who has a terminal illness and needs in-home help and pain management, contact Home Care Assistance in Plano, TX. We can ensure that your loved one is taken care during their final moments in life, providing peace of mind for both the patient and their family.

Home Care Assistance is the Preferred Choice for Families

Home Care Assistance provides compassionate caregivers to affirm the final stage of life as a uniquely personal experience in the comfort of their home.

Call us at (214) 586-0120 today to discover the many benefits of hospice care with Home Care Assistance.