5 Cool Devices That Help Seniors Stay Safe

By Marvin, 9:00 am on

Technology can enhance the lives of independent seniors. Most of the useful products designed to aid aging adults include innovative technologies that make day-to-day life easier. Here is a list of 5 cool devices that can help your senior loved one stay safe, brought to you by the Plano, TX, home care professionals at Home Care Assistance.

1. Automatic Medication Dispensers

Keeping up with medication can be challenging for seniors as they age. An automatic medication dispenser alerts your loved one when it is time to take his or her prescribed pills and dispenses the correct dose. Family caregivers can choose a dispenser that creates a medication log to ensure the senior is taking his or her medicine on time.

2. Recorded Messaging Systems

These devices give seniors personalized reminders regarding their routine when the family caregiver is not at home. For example, it can remind seniors to lock the door as they leave the house. You can even set an alarm to remind your loved one to turn off appliances.

3. Movement Sensors

Seniors with dementia are at risk for wandering. With movement sensors, a professional caregiver in Plano, TX, can be alerted if a senior gets up during the night. These sensors can be placed near the door to let the caregiver know if your loved one is trying to leave the house alone.

4. GPS Trackers

If a senior wanders off, tracking him or her down quickly is critical. GPS tracking devices can be worn as pendants or can be placed in a senior’s shoes. These trackers can even be connected to apps so family caregivers can quickly tell where their aging loved ones are at all times.

5. Electronic Appliance Monitoring

Leaving the stove or oven on can be dangerous for aging adults. Special sensors can be plugged into an outlet and send an alarm every time an appliance is switched on or off. This ensures no appliance is left on for too long and makes it possible to track a senior’s daily routine.

A tailored care plan can help keep your aging loved one safe, secure, and healthy. At Home Care Assistance, our reliable live-in, hourly, and Alzheimer’s caregivers in Plano, TX, can provide high-quality care for your loved one in a safe, happy, and comfortable environment. Our care plans can include meal preparation, light housekeeping, mobility assistance, and social stimulation activities to boost health and promote safety in seniors. To learn more about our services, call (214) 586-0120.