Amazing Athletes Over the Age of 70

By Marvin, 9:00 am on

Providers of senior home care in Plano believe that aging does not mean that seniors have to give up the hobbies that they love. This is also true of staying in optimal physical condition and participating in sports. There are a number of extraordinary athletes who are over the age of 70. Check out the following inspirational senior athletes in the article below.

Allan Johnson

Johnson developed an interest in calf roping at the young age of 16. Despite having suffered multiple fractures and two knee replacements, the 86-year-old cowboy continues competing in the tie-down roping event as a member of the National Senior Pro Rodeo. 

Arthur Webb

Since the age of 58, Mr. Webb successfully completed the Badwater Ultramarathon 15 times. Now aged 72, he continues to compete. His workout regimen involves running 100 miles every week and conditioning his body to deal with the extreme heat by spending extensive time in a 170-degree sauna. 

Ernestine Shepherd

Shepherd began working out at the age of 56. Her love of endurance and strength training led to an interest in bodybuilding. She entered her first professional competition at the age of 71. Today at 80, she is the oldest female bodybuilder in the world. 

Ernie Andrus

The 93-year old began running at the age of 64. Since that time, he completed numerous 5K and 10K races along with two half-marathons. He proudly ran beside the Los Angeles Olympic torchbearers during a 10K race. He also competed in a 200-mile overnight marathon. 

Louis Self

Kite boarding requires serious upper body and leg strength along with strong balance. The retired science teacher became acquainted with the sport at the age of 58 and continues to pursue the sport competitively at 75 years of age. Self loves the challenge of the extreme sports and is able to propel himself more than 20 feet above the water’s surface. 

Sellers Meric

The retired sailor began playing tennis when he was 45. Meric went on to compete in the U.S.T.A. Tournaments in the 1980s. Today at 84, Meric and his partner, Raymond C. Breaux are ranked second in the nation for playing doubles in the 80+ division.

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