Live-In or 24 Hour Senior Care Plano

Live-In 24 Hour Senior Care Plano, TX

After returning home from a hospital stay due to a serious injury or being diagnosed with a life-changing illness, seniors often require a high level of care. Dementia is also a very common problem in seniors, and one that can benefit from in-home care.

Some other reasons your elderly loved one with dementia might need 24 hour care for seniors include:

  • Increasing home safety concerns
  • More aggressive behavior
  • “Sundowning” behavior: When a senior with dementia becomes more agitated throughout the day, to the point of lashing out in the evening
  • Higher care needs than before: At a certain point, the family member doing the caregiving for the senior with dementia may find it beyond his or her physical capabilities to provide the help that the senior needs.
  • Wandering and getting lost
  • Caregiver stress: Very often, caregiving individuals are so busy attending to the senior’s needs that they neglect their own needs. A lot of stress can result from that, and from dealing with the physical and emotional needs of the senior. If you find yourself feeling stressed, anxious or depressed on a regular basis, this is also a sign that your elderly loved one needs live-in or 24-hour senior care!

Though your family may be willing and able to assist your elderly loved one with tasks around the house, he or she can reap greater benefits from having an expertly trained live-in caregiver in the home. Our compassionate caregivers can help with everything from menu planning and meal preparation to light housekeeping, hygiene and more. Or they can just offer your loved one friendly companionship and socialization. We fine-tune our services to each senior’s abilities and needs.

Home Care Assistance can provide your loved one with live-in and 24 hour senior care that provides the daily support and supervision required to help him or her age in place comfortably and safely.

Live-In and 24 Hour Senior Care You Can Trust

Because your loved one and his or her caregiver will be spending a great deal of time together, you’ll want to make sure the caregiver is someone your family can trust and rely on. The staff at Home Care Assistance understands this, and we want you to be as confident in our caregivers as we are.

All of our live-in and 24 hour caregivers are:

  • Experienced in providing home care for the elderly
  • Carefully screened for criminal backgrounds
  • Bonded, licensed, and insured
  • Employed by Home Care Assistance, not independent contractors
  • Offered continued training in the latest senior care practices

To ensure continuous care throughout the day, we assign primary and backup caregivers, which is especially ideal if your loved one needs around-the-clock supervision.

If you live with elderly parents or relatives and cannot meet their needs, you need to look for a caregiver. The caregiver will help your elderly parent or relative to bathe, sleep, and eat, as well as with personal care tasks such as using the bathroom if it is a challenge for your loved one to do so safely on their own. 

From helping to manage the household to offering companionship for your elderly parent or relative, home care assistance takes a lot of pressure off of the elderly person’s family members. But should you choose a 24-hour or a live-in care provider? Below are more details on these two types of care providers and what they offer:

What Are the Benefits of Live-in Care for Seniors?

  • When you opt for live-in care, you will spend less money than you would have to spend if you chose 24-hour care services. This is because, with live-in care services, you will only need one care provider. However, with 24-hour care services, you will have to pay two or three care providers.
  • Your loved one is likely to form a strong bond with a care provider when you opt for a live-in care provider. This is likely to happen because your loved one will be spending most of the time with the care provider.
  • There will be better communication between your family members and the home care assistant if the care provider is a live-in care provider.
  • Your loved one is less likely to get nervous often when you hire a live-in care provider, because they see the same person from day to day.

The Difference Between 24-Hour Care and Live-in Care

Many people think that 24-hour care is similar to live-in care. However, these two types of care are different. Live-in care involves care providers who reside in clients’ homes. These care providers assist seniors or people who are recovering from illnesses to carry out various chores. However, they are allowed to sleep or rest for at least eight hours. During these hours of rest, these care providers only assist their clients in doing quick chores such as using the restroom.

24-hour care, on the other hand, involves caregivers who work in shifts. These care providers are supposed to work for the entire time of their shift. However, they can take a quick break when there is a need. The common types of 24-hour care involve 8-hour and 12-hour shifts in which the care providers are in full functioning mode and are alert.

What to Look for in an in-Home Care Service

You should ensure that the in-home care provider taking care of your loved one is the best. Below are some of the things to look for in an in-home care service.

  • Check whether the agency that is providing these services is licensed. Only get services from licensed agencies.
  • Check the length of time that this agency has been in business. Agencies that have been in business for a long time offer excellent services.
  • Check whether this agency meets the federal and state health and safety requirements. Only choose agencies that meet federal and state health and safety requirements.
  • Check whether the employees of this agency are insured and licensed. Agencies with insured and licensed employees are more qualified.

Because Home Care Assistance only uses caregivers who are bonded, licensed, insured and meticulously screened, we have a high rate of satisfaction with the families we serve. But because we want you to feel completely comfortable with your choice of home care assistance, we provide a Home Care Agency Checklist to help you with your search. 

Who Requires Live-in Care?

Just like others, you may be wondering if you need to hire a live-in care provider or 24-hour care providers. You should opt for live-in care if your loved one does not require a lot of attention at night. For instance, live-in care makes sense if your loved one is:

  • Aged and healthy
  • Aged and has a minor sickness

If your loved one doesn’t need a lot of help at night, a live-in caregiver is a safe bet and allows your relative to remain at home and live as independently as possible.

In-Home Care in Plano, TX

Are you looking for live-in care or 24-hour care? We offer services to people who have returned home after being hospitalized due to severe injuries. We also take care of dementia patients.

If you are unable to meet the physical and emotional needs of your elderly parent or relative, you need to look for a care provider. You can opt for an in-home or a 24-hour care provider. You should opt for in-home care providers if your loved one does not need much attention at night. If your loved one needs a lot of attention all the time, opt for 24-hour care. 

If you’re not sure which home care option to choose, we can help you navigate your choices. Contact us at Home Care Assistance in Plano to learn more about our senior caregivers and the care services we provide.

The Balanced Care Method Enhances Live-In Care

At Home Care Assistance, we train all of our caregivers in our proprietary Balanced Care Method. This comprehensive program, which takes a holistic approach to promoting senior health, is included in all of our care plans at no additional cost.

With Home Care Assistance’s live-in and 24 hour in home care for seniors, we will help your loved one focus on positive lifestyle factors like eating a healthy diet, getting plenty of exercise, maintaining meaningful relationships, and increasing mental acuity. As a result, your loved one can find balance and variety in day-to-day life while aging in place — safely.

Home Care Assistance has become a trusted force in the senior care industry because of our strong commitment to our clients and our constant dedication to providing exceptional care to our seniors. Our high-quality live-in and 24 hour senior care can help your loved one live independently at home without sacrificing safety and comfort. Request your free in-home consultation today by contacting one of our qualified Care Managers at (214) 586-0120.