Charming Thanksgiving Centerpieces to Make with Your Senior Loved One

By Marvin, 9:00 am on

Allowing a senior to help you make a charming Thanksgiving centerpiece is a way to build memories that will last a lifetime. Make sure to choose a centerpiece idea that is appropriate for the skill level of the senior so that you will both enjoy the experience. Consider their personality as well as your own to choose an idea that will make your Thanksgiving table look grand. Providers of home care in Plano, TX, have suggested a few ideas below.

Log Candle Holder

Harken memories of the first Thanksgiving when the pilgrims and Indians gathered around a simple table with a log candleholder centerpiece that can easily run the length of your whole table. Choose a straight limb from your fall trimming and give it a bath to make sure that all of the bugs and dirt are off of it. Then, drill some holes to hold tea lights down the length of it. Lay the limb on your table and insert the tea lights in place. You can add miniature pumpkins, maize or gourds around the outside to give it an even more festive appearance. 

Mason Jar Centerpiece

Mason jars are perfect for so many different things including making charming Thanksgiving centerpieces. Start by whitewashing the Mason jar and letting it dry. Cut a strip of burlap so that it measures about 1.5 inches wide and 1.5 yards long. Pull a string in the middle of the strip so that it gathers into a circle. Once you are happy with its shape, hold it with a drop of glue or a simple stitch. Now, glue a rhinestone in the middle. Use hot glue to fasten it to the outside of the Mason jar. Fill the jar with artificial wheat. You can group these together in a half crate or insert a tea light if desired. You can also tie raffia around the jar’s top.

Repurpose a Cupcake Stand

If you have a three-tier cupcake stand at your house, it is easy to repurpose it as a Thanksgiving centerpiece. Buy some miniature pumpkins at the store and give them a quick coat of gold and bronze spray paint. Seniors and their loved ones or Plano, TX, part-time caregivers can arrange them on the cupcake stand to create a gorgeous yet simple centerpiece.

Creating centerpieces with your senior loved one can stimulate his or her cognition in addition to reducing the risk of depression. You will both have a great time as you create these charming and festive centerpieces together. Learn about other festive activities to enjoy with your senior loved one by calling Home Care Assistance of Plano at (214) 586-0120 today. Our Plano, TX, dementia, Alzheimer’s and stroke care enables seniors to lead active lives in the comfort of home while boosting overall wellbeing. Call today to schedule a free consultation with an experienced Care Manager.