Why It’s Important for Women Over 65 to Get Gynecological Exams

By Marvin, 9:00 am on

Women over the age of 65 still need to see a gynecologist annually, even if they have already experienced menopause. Women over the age of 65 who have had three negative pap exams in a row often do not need to have another one if they have had their ovaries removed. In cases where the ovaries are still present, women may only need a pap exam every three years. Only a woman’s doctor should recommend the right exams for each individual, but Plano home care providers need to encourage elderly women to see their gynecologists. 

One of the largest concerns that may be spotted by a gynecologist is cervical cancer. According to the American Cancer Society, over 12,990 new cases are discovered each year. Of that amount, over 15 percent are found in women who are older than 65.

The gynecologist will also feel the woman’s abdomen to make sure that there are no signs of masses or enlarged organs. If problems are found, then the woman can choose to have further testing done. While many women choose not to pursue aggressive forms of treatment, it is best to know what current medical problems exist. Furthermore, the doctor will perform a breast exam and may recommend that the woman go for a mammogram. Breast cancer is more prevalent in women who have been taking hormone replacement therapy.

One of the largest reasons that older women should see a gynecologist is to discuss changes in her bowel and bladder habits. Yet, many women remain fearful to discuss these problems with even their closest friends.

If you are a Plano home caregiver and are concerned about a senior woman, then encourage her to see her gynecologist at least annually. The easiest way to encourage her to go is to make a special day of it, and go out before or afterwards to do something fun. This allows her to look forward to the other event without adding undue stress about the exam. 

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