The Colony, TX

Senior In-Home Care in The Colony, TX

Growing old is a bit like learning a new profession that is not of one’s choosing. Little things that were once easy to do become a strenuous chore, and the ability to move freely, rapidly, and constantly becomes impossible. At some point, one must have help in order to stay safe.

If your elderly loved one has gotten to this point, then you may want to think about in-home assisted living, which is also called senior in-home care. You want only trained and highly qualified caregivers looking after your parents or grandparents. Our senior in-home care agency can pair your loved one with a caregiver who has the expertise and experience to deliver compassionate, competent home care. Your loved one will be safer and well cared for, and you can stop worrying!

Benefits of In-Home Senior Care

There are great advantages to approaching a care agency like Home Care Assistance and establishing a home care program for your elderly loved one. The most important of these is that it is easier to get them to accept such an arrangement.

While your elderly loved ones are probably willing to acknowledge and deal with a variety of conditions that have come with their advanced age, they are also understandably reluctant to give up their independence. And they have steadfastly refused to give up the home they worked hard for, in which they have so many fond memories, and which they probably hope to pass down to you and your children when they die.

Your elderly parent may also suffer from physical difficulties—enough perhaps to make getting around difficult and living on their own impossible. Having a qualified carer come to them—to their home—is a much better option than moving your loved one into an assisted living facility.

Home Care Assistance is a home care services agency that can provide you and your family with the home health solutions you require. The agency employs compassionate, highly experienced, and well-qualified professionals to look after seniors as they live out their remaining years.

Caregiver Services We Offer in The Colony

The services you choose can be tailored to your situation and depend largely on your loved one’s individual circumstances, physical condition, risk factors and abilities. Our in-home care agency offers:

24-Hour Care

Your senior loved one may struggle with a range of illnesses and limitations. You may need more than a day nurse. You may need someone who can help them throughout the day and into the night. The latter can be an especially dangerous time for a senior who is not well or has trouble getting around. A fall is one of the worst threats to the health and well-being of a senior, and such incidents quite often happen quite at night.

A 24-hour carer can do meal preparation, laundry, medication, and other basic chores. A home care professional can also provide your elderly loved one with companionship and friendly conversation. One of the worst things about aging is the isolation one feels as more and more friends and relatives pass away. Meanwhile, you and your siblings have your own lives and families to look after. All of this can make life for your parents or grandparents lonely, but having a live-in carer to socialize with can help alleviate some of that isolation.

Hourly Care

Your elderly loved one may be healthy and vigorous enough to need help only some of the time. They may resist having a 24-hour caregiver and may want to pursue a more flexible option. An hourly carer can provide your senior relative with the independence they need to live life as they want to.

With hourly care, the caregiver comes by on an as-needed basis. They may come in the morning to help your elderly loved one bathe and have breakfast, or in the afternoon to help with errands or household tasks like laundry. In exercising this option, you can arrange it so that the caregiver comes by when it is most convenient for your schedule or your senior relative’s preferences.

Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease

These are some of the most dreaded diseases of aging. An Alzheimer’s patient will slowly lose the capacity to remember anything about themselves or what they have done. As the illness progresses, they will lose nearly all mental capacity and will lapse into a constant state of confusion. Seniors with dementia or Alzheimer’s can become aggressive and belligerent in one moment, and gentle and helpless in the next. It takes special training for a home care professional to properly look after someone with any form of dementia.

Home Care Assistance employs trained carers who can deliver that level of personal care. Our caregivers will ensure that your senior relative takes their medications on time, that they are never allowed to wander off and get lost, and that every attempt is made to maintain their focus and mental sharpness. We train our caregivers in the Cognitive Therapeutics Method™, which gives your loved one the cognitive stimulation they need.

Competent, Compassionate In-Home Senior Care

Home Care Assistance is one of the premier in-home senior assisted living agencies in Plano, Texas, and we also offer our full range of services in The Colony. All of our home care professionals have extensive experience in the field, are screened for criminal backgrounds, bonded, licensed, and insured, and are employed by us, not a sub-contractor.

If you are looking for ways to maintain the quality of life for your elderly loved one, you should contact us. We will be willing to discuss the particulars of your family’s situation and advise you on the best arrangement to make.