What Is MRSA?

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MRSA is a type of infection that is very common in healthcare settings like hospitals and nursing homes. It can be a challenge for Plano caregivers to prevent MRSA because it spreads so rapidly. This infection can potentially be life threatening and is not easy to treat. In order to prevent MRSA, it’s important to understand what it is and how it spreads.

What Causes MRSA?

Methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus bacteria cause MRSA infections. This infection is similar to a typical staph infection, only it cannot be treated with typical antibiotics. The MRSA bacteria developed antibiotic resistance after years of doctors prescribing antibiotics for basic colds and other infections. The staph bacteria evolved to survive antibiotics, so it can only be treated through special medications. Because it is antibiotic resistant, MRSA is very dangerous. It starts out as slightly swollen bumps, but it can quickly progress through the body. If a MRSA infection gets into the lungs, heart, or other organs, it can potentially be life threatening.

How Does MRSA Spread?

MRSA is primarily spread through direct contact with skin and it is particularly likely to infect a person who has an open wound. If a person with a MRSA infection touches another individual, that person can contract MRSA. These bacteria can also survive on almost any surface, therefore it can spread if a person with MRSA touches an object and transmits the bacteria from the surface of that object to the next person who touches it.

How Can You Protect Against MRSA?

MRSA can easily spread in a situation where your elderly loved one has to visit a health care facility. To avoid catching MRSA, encourage your loved one to regularly wash his or her hands with hot water and soap before applying a hand sanitizer. Any open wounds should always be covered with sterile bandages, and sheets and clothing should always be washed with hot water to kill any lingering bacteria. Whenever possible, make sure that your senior loved one does not share towels, razors, or clothing with anyone else.

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